Video: Student, Athlete, Entrepreneur In a deep dive into the college sports industry, Northwestern student athletes share their experiences with their new rights to make money off name, image, and likeness (NIL). Shot, produced, and edited by Max Tracey Fall 2021, Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University

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Wellesley seeks solutions to global problems

Inside the local efforts to combat consequences cited by climate studies The Earth — including Wellesley — will face drastically worsening conditions due to climate change. The Fourth National Climate Assessment issued by thirteen federal agencies in late November gave the most severe estimate of consequences of climate change for the United States to date.... Continue Reading →

Residents hold pipeline vigils outside State House

From December, 2017 (The Wellesley Townsman) “Stand Up, Charlie” —Wellesley’s voices against fossil fuel pipelines “Gov. Baker says he’s taking action on climate change, but when you look at his policies, he’s actually in favor of building new fracked gas pipelines and power plants that we don’t need.” This statement from resident Lise Olney summarizes... Continue Reading →

STEM expo: sustainability has a central role

From April, 2017 (The Wellesley Townsman) During the April 8 third annual STEM Expo at Wellesley High School, students and residents showcased nearly 100 exhibits covering various aspects of STEM such as robots, technology and engineering innovation, coding, environmental education, chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology. The event, run by the Wellesley Education Foundation, also featured... Continue Reading →

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