Wellesley seeks solutions to global problems

Inside the local efforts to combat consequences cited by climate studies The Earth — including Wellesley — will face drastically worsening conditions due to climate change. The Fourth National Climate Assessment issued by thirteen federal agencies in late November gave the most severe estimate of consequences of climate change for the United States to date.... Continue Reading →

Detox facility to open amidst controversy, concern

From November, 2018 print issue of The Bradford There has been significant controversy in the town surrounding the potential opening of a new substance detox facility on 30 Washington Street in Lower Falls. Since news brokeof the upcoming opening, there has been major concern among some residents that the location is dangerously close to elementary... Continue Reading →

HHU Update: No 24 section school

From November, 2016 (The Bradford) With the HHU Master Planning Committee slowly finishing its research to best shape the town’s elementary schools for upcoming decades, the MPC has finalized its options for choosing which schools the town will renovate, close, or build. The MPC has narrowed project proposals down and will formally recommend their construction... Continue Reading →

Athletic review uncovers areas for improvement

From November, 2016 Print Issue of The Bradford For the first time in ten years, the high school and School Committee launched a review of the Athletic department to determine its strengths and areas for improvement. School Committee sent out surveys to parents of high school students to provide their input on the status of the... Continue Reading →

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